Dr. Aaron Horn – Meet the SOE Alumni:

The University of San Francisco’s School of Education interviewed Dr. Aaron Horn for their “Meet Our Alumni” video. Here Dr. Horn talks about his passions for self-care and the University of San Francisco as well as his work in making a difference in his community through mentoring, educational therapy and being viewed as a positive role model for young people.


University of San Francisco’s 2015 Edward J. Griffin Award to Dr. Aaron Horn:

The University of San Francisco’s Edward J. Griffin Award is a prestigious award given to those that “advance justice and the pursuit of the common good”. Dr. Horn was awarded in 2015. They describe Dr. Aaron Horn as “the leader by example”. This video showcases Dr. Horn’s ability to balance family, work and pursue a higher education and eventually find his higher calling to help young black youth in dangerous neighborhoods to succeed.


USF Open House Speech – Dr. Aaron Horn:

Dr. Horn was invited by the University of San Francisco to speak to potential students in an open house. In this video, he speaks on the R.A.M.  philosophy. He highlights the people that helped him reach this point of view.

Dr. Reginald Stewart – Cultural (il)literacy:

This video describes one of the most underrated topics in America’s dialogue on race – cultural literacy. Dr. Stewart’s message resonates at the core value of what is missing in America’s discussion about race and racism. Dr. Stewart is one of the most leading scholars and educators on race, racism and cultural awareness. Dr. Stewart’s dialogue allows us to discuss the “elephant in the room” – the lack of cultural literacy and cultural awareness in America.


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