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We create spaces that allow everyone to feel seen, heard and valued through teaching, coaching and consulting!


HDC provides uniquely crafted teaching, coaching and consulting services through the Horn Development Consulting method:


WHAT IS R.A.M. Coaching?

At HDC, we like to ask ourselves, how can we help people to feel seen, heard and valued. In other words, how can we assist people with feeling better about themselves, their personal goals and their professional goals? Or unique coaching engagement called R.A.M. answers that question! R.A.M. stands for Relationship, Accountability and Mentoring. Dr. Horn created R.A.M. several years ago after he realized that the people with whom he engaged on both a personal and professional level felt better about themselves after the engagement ended, regardless the duration of time.

How does R.A.M. Coaching work?

R.A.M. coaching involves a variety of coaching engagement styles, including (1) 1-1 personalized coaching, (2) phone consultation and advice and (3) nature involved 1-1 and group sessions. R.A.M. coaching works best when the HDC consultant and the client are genuinely concerned about enhancing the development of personal and professional goals – both are motivated! Hence, the essential ingredients for successful R.A.M. coaching involves motivated HDC consultants who are generally open-minded, genuine and caring individuals who are ready to engage in authentic R.A.M. coaching.

Coaching Fees

(Per Hour)
IntakeAn HDC Coach will discuss the history of the company, describe their coaching style, and assess the needs of the client, actively listening to the desired goals as described by the client.$150
Life Skills Development
An HDC Coach will support clients through a mindfulness practice of R.A.M. (Relationship -Accountability- Mentoring), improving various life skills development Life Skills challenges, including supporting with individual and group Development engagement, time management, and project completion. 
Professional DevelopmentAn HDC Coach will support clients through a mindfulness practice of R.A.M. (Relationship-Accountability- Mentoring), improving various professional development Professional Development challenges, including supporting with job coaching, employment readiness, and employment transitions. $300
Wellness DevelopmentAn HDC Coach will support clients through a mindfulness practice of R.A.M. (Relationship-Accountability-Mentoring), improving various wellness development challenges, including Wellness Development supporting with mindfulness improvement, self-reflection activities, and relaxation techniques.$300

Payment: Clients are expected to pay the agreed fee per 60-minute session at the time of each appointment. Payment must be made prior to your session. HDC accepts cash, check, and Venmo only. 

Appointments: If you cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call 48 hours in advance.  If you fail to notify your HDC coach within 24 hours prior to your scheduled time of a cancellation, you will be charged the full rate. 

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