HDC Highlights

Black Lives Matter Protest

June 6th, 2020 – San Jose, California

Life Skills practice with Mr. Joseph Adams: Preparing and Making Hamburgers

At HDC, we prepare our participants with life skills that translates into their personal narrative in their every day experience.


Congratulations Estella!

Estella Pabonan,
HDC Administrative Director
2018 Individual Merit Award
University of San Francisco

Estella was the recipient of the 2018 Individual Merit Award at the USF Service and Merit Awards Ceremony and Reception held on May 3, 2018. The award is given to a USF staff member whose service, contributions, and/or achievements are above and beyond the scope, responsibilities, and expectations of the position and that have made a significant positive impact on the department/division, the University, or the community.

Past Awards


Dr. Aaron Horn
HDC Chief Executive Officer
2015 Edward J. Griffitn Award
University of San Francisco

The University of San Francisco’s Edward J. Griffin Award is a prestigious award given to those that “advance justice and the pursuit of the common good”. Dr. Horn was awarded the Griffin Award at the 2015 USF Alumni Awards Gala. Dr. Aaron Horn is known in the community as “the leader by example”. Dr. Horn received the award for his advocacy and support of young Black males growing up in dangerous neighborhoods and helping them to succeed.