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Dr. Horn has published three books on his research and experiences with young African American males. His first book is “The Role of Father Like Care in the Education of African American Males“, which consists of research from his dissertation for his doctorate degree in International & Multicultural Education from the University of San Francisco.

The second book, “I Got Cho Back! Improving Relationships with Young Black Males”, is a guide for therapists, school administrations, and professionals who work with African American males on how they can improve their relationships with the young Black males through understanding their culture, upbringing, and social struggle as an African American.

The third book, “The Beauty of R.A.M. Deepening Human Connections through Relationships, Accountability, and Mentoring,”  is a step-by-step resource guide on how to effectively serve clients in underserved communities. In this personal prose, Dr. Horn vividly illustrates the power of healthy relationships, the value of clear accountability, and the influence of caring mentors.

DSC02733The Role of Father-Like Care in Education of Young Black Males

This qualitative study analyzes African American males’ perceptions of the tutor-tutee caring relationship within in home, one-on-one tutoring. The participants were seven African American males who attended this type of tutoring. In his unique research style, Dr. Horn used a qualitative approach to engage participants in a dialogue regarding their experiences with in-home, one-on-one tutoring. The data revealed that participants: (a) had more negative than positive opinions of public school; (b) had more positive than negative opinions of in-home, one-on-one tutoring;(c) communicated more positive comparisons with public school and in-home, one-on-one tutoring; and (d) articulated a variety of improvements for in-home one-on-one tutoring. The findings of this study divulged that young African American males became more interested in their academics, acquired life skills, increased reading scores, and successfully navigated the tribulations in their schools because of the care demonstrated by their tutor. In particular, student participants and parents highlighted father-like care as central to the success of the tutor-tutee relationship. For this reason, this study exemplifies the need for additional scholarly research to address the significance of care in the lives of young Black males. Available for purchase at:  and

I Got Cho Back! Improving Relationships with Young Black Males

ref=sib_dp_kdI Got’cho Back provides historical context for some of the most profound lifespan development issues that impact many young Black males in America. The research resurfaces silenced voices of young Black males, as told through the lens of identity development, inadequate education, ineffective parenting, language acquisition, and therapeutic interventions.

Based on Dr. Horn’s twenty years of experience with underserved families, this book provides research and professional advice regarding the issues that impact the lifespan development of most high-risk young Black males. In essence, it is an advisory book that provides personal and professional research that directly or indirectly impacts the lifespan development of young Black males. Consistent throughout the research, the author provides multiple examples of resources that have proven to be effective with young Black males such as, the Black church, extended family members, and specific therapeutic modalities.

Overall, this book is primarily written for therapists, teachers, parents, school administrators, college professors, and lay people to increase their awareness regarding why so many Black males struggle in mainstream America. It is a stimulating book that allows the reader to delve into the nuances of young Black males’ lifespan development issues. As a result of delving into these nuances, the author intends to inspire readers to become more interested in improving relationships with young Black males.

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The Beauty of R.A.M.: Deepening Human Connections through Relationships, Accountability and Mentoring

The Beauty of R.A.M. Deepening Human Connections through Relationships, Accountability and Mentoring Dr. Aaron L. Horn—teacher, counselor and coach—continues his life-long passion for serving those in underserved communities. In his personal account of strategies for making deep human connections, Dr. Horn vividly illustrates the power of healthy relationships, the value of clear accountability, and the influence of caring mentors. He demonstrates the mutual benefits of these strategies for all involved. His contributions have been recognized with the Edward J. Griffin award from the University of San Francisco

thoughts from the road

Thoughts from the Road

In Thoughts from the Road, the authors, Horn and Flannes, painstakingly share their most vulnerable reflections on community mental health through emotionally provocative photographs and written word. This book is a compilation of gut-wrenching thoughts and images from the perspectives of two different mental health healers. The goal of this book is to help the reader identify and understand what the authors believe is the hidden struggle within all human beings – a desire to feel seen, heard, and valued. Thoughts from the Road is a great resource for everyone in the field of Human Services. Through the lens of social justice, it is the authors’ sincerest intentions that people gather an unflinching view of the underserved communities that surround them. In this way, the authors believe that after reading Thoughts from the Road, one will have a better understanding of their own place within this world.

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