Mission Statement

At HDC, we create spaces that allow everyone to feel seen, heard and valued through teaching, coaching and consulting

The Foundation of HDC

Horn Development Consulting (HDC) is a certified Veteran owned Professional Development Consulting Company. We offer high level professional development coaching for individuals, groups, and organizations. 

Our unique therapeutic engagement technique entitled R.A.M. (Relationships-Accountability-Mentoring) allows our clients to holistically accomplish their professional goals. Our highly trained coaches are dynamic, adaptable to multiple learning styles, and offer a wealth of professional development experience. 

Our goal at HDC is to promote authentic and restorative healing spaces, while supporting clients to develop identity awareness and purpose in their professional journey. Coaches can support clients with an array of growth and development needs, including job coaching, employment readiness, and employment transitions. 

Dr. Aaron L. Horn founded HDC in 2010 in an effort to continue his passion of empowering people to help “fill in the gaps” of their life. His mission has always been to empower people through his gifts of teaching, counseling and coaching which are the conduits of his philosophy of R.A.M. (Relationships-Accountability-Mentoring). His dedication to developing this methodology runs concurrently with decades of expertise in organizational and professional development. 

What Can HDC Offer You?

As a for-profit or non-profit CEO, Program Manager, University President, Business Leader, or any other leadership position, HDC can provide highly structured leadership and development coaching using the R.A.M. methodology in the following areas:

Our coaches

Colette standing in front of brick wall, smiling


Chief Program Officer

Colette Reid-Horn, LCSW, PPSC is a highly acclaimed leader in the social services professional space. She is an innovative program developer, author, licensed therapist, and CPO of HDC. With over 20 years of experience, she is dedicated to facilitating success for her clients.

Dr. Horn standing in front of a bookshelf, smiling.

aaron l.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Aaron L. Horn, Ed.D, LMFT is an award winning mentor, author, licensed therapist, and CEO of HDC. Dr. Horn is dedicated to improving the lives and relationships of his clients through his methodology of R.A.M. (Relationships, Accountability, Mentoring). He has over 20 years of expertise in teaching, coaching and counseling. 

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